LOOK: The sweetest and most Instagrammable museum in Manila

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Manila finally gets its own version of New York’s famed Museum of Ice Cream, known as a haven to those who both love the cold sweet treat and contemporary design. But to our delight, The Dessert Museum has a wider scope of sweets—from doughnuts, fairy floss, and marshmallows—all found under a single roof for every sweet tooth out there to visually and gastronomically enjoy.

Have you ever slid into a museum? #thedessertmuseum

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It already looks like so much fun based on their photo teasers over at their Facebook page. You enter the different museum rooms by going down a slide, with the Doughnut Room attraction as the first stop—and we must say it will make our good ol’ friend Homer Simpson crazy for it.

Squeeze your way through our marshmallow door! 🍭 #thedessertmuseum

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Squeeze through the marshmallow doors to get a glimpse of—yup, you guessed it—the Ten Thousand Marshmallows Room, where there are marshmallow string curtains that are oh-so-perfect for the ’gram. There’s a liquorice rainbow waiting for you in the corner, too.

The Dessert Museum also has a land where giant gummy bears roam, and guess what, the air is made out of bubbles in this room! We also know they have a Cotton Candy Forest where you can pick the sugary floss on your own. We’re already imagining a pastel pink landscape for this one!

This place is basically a hybrid of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and Katy Perry’s dreamy “California Girls” candy land and we’re all excited to join in on the fun!

The museum tour will go for about two hours, featuring eight dessert-themed rooms. You also get to taste free sweets by pastry chefs while you explore the museum. We just hope there would be loads of cookie dough and ice cream when we visit.

The Dessert Museum is set to open on Feb. 3, 2018. Hurry, it’s your last chance to avail of The Dessert Museum’s early bird rate at only P699.

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