LOOK: The Filipino pvblic had a blast with Wunder’s latest ad featuring two Cebuanos

We The Pvblic

Wunder is the world’s leading urban carpool platform and they’ve been sending out ads for the pvblic to try it aside from the usual ride-sharing apps in the country.

Recently, they released a carpool story between two guys from Cebu. Wunder driver Merick mentions, “Nix has been carpooling with me for 25 times now. Going to work and even from the gym back home.”

Well, the Filipino pvblic had a blast with the latest ad.

People are urging their friends to try it in hopes of maybe getting a Wunderful lovelife of their own

Proof that nothing and no one is safe from the wit and analysis of the pvblic

Someone just came out and said it.

People got confused

Nonetheless, it’s still a wonderful little thing, this happening.

Wunder the world.

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