LOOK: This pvblic photoshoot is all you need to inspire you to wear whatever you want, even in jeeps

We The Pvblic

It’s been instilled in our minds that if we’re just going somewhere near, then we don’t have to suit up and dress sharp for it as much. We’re usually in our casual clothes, especially when we’re taking pvblic transportation.

Jana Silao tells us there’s more to it than just being a fashionista — it’s art.

1. How did you come up with your concept for the photoshoot?

53380014-23As a stylist, I am quite aware that i’m not the only one in the industry. I have to step up. And this means going beyond just clothes. Styling is art for me and art has to make you feel something or change something in you. So i thought of a concept, a relatable one, something that would benefit the audience rather than highlighting “me”, and so i came up with this “Stare, I Don’t Care” photoshoot.

2. How many times have you been told off about what you wear and what’s the usual line they say?

53380029-33A LOT OF TIMES HAHAHA. “Sure ka yan suot mo?” “Hoy mag je-jeep ka lang naman” “San party teh?” “Fashion show????” or sometimes you really get a long stare (kasi syempre full-on makeup ka rin, whole package! 😂)

3. What motivated you to do the photoshoot and will there be more of the series?

53380019-25Being a fashionista on commute, it was a daily struggle for me to overcome the stares and misunderstood remarks from people I encounter on the streets but soon enough I gained confidence and somehow loved the attention, it feels great to standout. And so i want to share my affirmations and hopefully boost shy fashionistas out there to strut their stuff while on a jeepney ride. So I thought: What better to way to share my message than to do a styling collab that is shot on an actual commute!

Yes! More to come! In every styling project, I like to challenge myself to be better than the last. Also, I promised myself that all my styling projects should benefit people–to make them think or be inspired, to see something new.

4. What would you like to evoke from the photoshoot?

53360026-13Confidence in your own style and keeping your head up high in this nasty urban jungle full of misunderstood admirers. Lol

5. Is there anything you’d like to say to the pvblic?

53360010-5OWN IT. Love your style because that’s what makes you, you. There’s no such thing as “baduy” or “OA”, as long as you can carry it with confidence, you’re good to go. And if ever you become withered by a harsh comment, keep in mind “STARE, I. DONT. CARE.”

Model- Beatriz Yu (@beatrizairah)
Photographer- Nico Pascual (@jnpascual)
Stylist- Jana Silao (@janasilao)
Shirts from Girl In Transit (@girlintransit)

*photos are raw and taken using film camera*
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