LOOK: Paolo Ballesteros stars in ‘Die Beautiful’ to compete in Tokyo Film Festival

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Paolo Ballesteros has been the bomb in the makeup game as he could even turn himself into Daenerys.

Now back better than ever, he stars in the new film Die Beautiful and the film will compete in the Tokyo International Film Festival this 2016.

The film’s gist from the TIFF is:

Trisha, a transgender woman who makes a living as a beauty contestant, is dying. Pleading with her friends for help, she has one last wish – to remain beautiful after death. This moving work, filled with laughs, is the latest effort by Jun Robles Lana.

Stated in its website:

TIFF seeks out excellent films from around the world and brings them to Tokyo, where filmmakers and film fans can enjoy them, meet emerging filmmakers, and be inspired.

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