LOOK: LPU gets gender neutral restrooms in University

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The Lyceum of the Philippines University has approved a call for two new gender neutral restrooms which lets anyone of any gender use it freely.

LPU Kasarian president Dencio Arcadio mentions in a Facebook post, “Approved na po ang first ever gender-neutral comfort rooms sa LPU! One big step for a more open-minded and a more embracive LPU!”

LPU Kasarian was behind the movement to promote gender equality in the campus and it’s pretty much a big deal.

“In accordance to one of the LPU Kasarian’s missions to proactively inculcate the holistic necessity of LGBT’s Human and Civil Rights in the minds of Lyceans and the entire society by providing programs, events and activities, the LPU Kasarian would like to ask your good office to allot gender neutral comfort rooms in the university.”

It adds that the movement was done to also comply to Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) memorandum on setting “the minimum standards to promote gender-sensitive and rights-based policies, curricula, instructional materials in all public and private higher education institutions in the country.”

Kudos for the great move!

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