LOOK: Lea Salonga and Lin-Manuel Miranda exchange tweets in Filipino and it’s all just lovely

We The Pvblic

Musical theater star and real-life Disney princess Lea Salonga recently had an exchange of tweets with Hamilton composer Lin-Manuel Miranda and it was all lovely.


Lin-Manuel had tweeted Lea back in 2014, letting her know that he absolutely LOVED her performance in this video of her singing “A Whole New World”, having no clue who the other guys were:

Three years later, Lea gave the tweet recognition, telling him that the link wasn’t working.

And of course the award-winning actor and writer had to stress that she did reply a little too late for comfort:

But Ms Lea found the video herself and asked Lin-Manuel if it was this one:

To which he replied:

This is one lovely convo that deserves to live all throughout the years.

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