LOOK: Furniture for cats now exist in Japan

We The Pvblic

Our four-legged feline friends can now lounge in style, thanks to Okawa City’s new campaign that showcases a cat-centric line.

These furniture pieces are “craftsman made,” that scales down actual furniture to a size fit for our furry home buddies.

This is Okawa City’s effort to support Fukuoka – home to 150 furniture-manufacturing factories.

The campaign is to draw attention to the region that is well-known for its wood craft industry, and the cat furniture line is primarily and ad campaign for its artisans.

American Home Furnishings Alliance says that pet furniture manufacturing industry, in particlular is booming. Millennial customers regard their pets as family, and they are more than willing to spend for fancy beds for them.

Hence, these tasteful, hand-crafted pieces of furniture can now be a source of revenue for Japanese businessmen.

All these pieces will be displayed in an installation in Okawa Terrazza, the city’s tourism and interior information center.