LOOK: What Duterte said about same-sex marriage a year ago vs now

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President Rodrigo Duterte was known as one of the presidential candidates who pushed for same-sex marriage before he became president of the Philippines.

This was before the 2016 Presidential Election Results in May.


Duterte says:

Being married and marrying the person that you love is a matter of choice. Gays are supposed to have the equal rights and freedom as heterosexuals, including the freedom to marry and build a family.”

People commended him on that, and earned him some votes most likely for the little speech. However, on March 19, 2017, he decried same-sex marriage in the Philippines.

He says that under the Civil Code of the Philippines, marriage is only for man and woman.

“Wala nang gender, because you can be he or she… ‘yan ang kultura nila. Kayo lang. ‘Di ‘yan puwede sa amin, Katoliko kami. At there is the Civil Code, which is you can only marry a woman for me, and for woman to marry a man. ‘Yan ang batas natin,” the President said on Sunday.

“Dalawang brother-in-law ko gay. May mga pinsan ako na gay, wala akong ano, pero kung saan ka pinuwesto ng Diyos, diyan ka lang.”

The pvblic had a bit of a fit with the president’s habitual clashing statements.

Where’s Obama when you need him?

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