LOOK: 8 Romantic destinations to take your special someone this Valentine’s Day

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One of the most important days for all hearts is coming and it’s time to make it extra perfect. Valentine ’s Day should be extra special and you should make an effort to make it memorable! Check out these romantic destinations to set the mood:

1. Batanes


The northernmost province in the country is one of the nicest elusive archipelago province in the Philippines. The whole landscape is gorgeous and there’s absolutely zero crime rates, with honesty kiosks along the island. It’s worth the extra buck if you want to bring your Valentine on an overnight trip here.

2. Boracay


Boracay is known for being a little bit of a party island, but the fine white sand and the beautiful resorts, restaurants, and all-around view of it just beats the nightlife. This island will always be a favorite in this country not only for its beauty, but the hidden gems within it, as well as gems when you island hop. If you want to go have a little vacay, why not?

3. Batangas


Just a few hours away from Manila with bountiful resorts along the shore. Get a good room with a view of the beach and there’s always a pretty nice infinity pool somewhere out there. Camp Netanya is a little taste of Santorini.

4. Tagaytay


Enjoy the cool breeze with the Taal volcano view and some hot bulalo soup in a nice quaint little restaurant along Tagaytay. Try Joaquin’s Bed and Breakfast along the highway for a nice bedroom setting of the volcano, maybe add some romantic candles for dinner?


5. Vigan


Vigan can be found in Ilocos Sur and the well-preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture dominate the streets with horse-drawn carriages along with mansions so reminiscent of the past.

Take a trip down memory lane in this old-school setting and find a nice little restaurant and inn to bring your significant other.

6. Camiguin


Camiguin is the island born of fire, if you’ve seen Hawaii or Maui, it’s surely not one to be out of place. It’s one of the untouched tourism destinations where you can enjoy tranquil islands and sand bars hotter than the usual.

7. Sagada


That Thing Called Tadhana made Sagada a lot more popular thanks to Angelica Panganiban’s iconic screams. Take your special someone here and enjoy the colder than usual air that will greet you with every breath you take. Hot cocoa is a must.

8. Manila


There’s a lot of new places and romantic restaurants you can try just in the Metro. Don’t worry, just scroll through nice restaurants and hotels you can take your date to this V-day and make it count. Any effort is very much appreciated.

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