LOOK: 7 Brilliant indie films you can watch on iFlix

Kyla Caparas

When you’ve exhausted all the episodes of your favorite series, or when you feel like you’ve watched every single mainstream movie out there, here’s a great idea for a lazy night in: feed your curious souls with interesting plots, story lines and twist and turns brought to you by Filipino indie films that is now readily available on iFlix! You will never have to experience the feeling of missing out on an excellent film that everyone around you has been talking about.

Here are our top “Indiemand” picks:

1. Babagwa by Jason Paul Laxamanamovie-1

2. Thy Womb by Brillante Ma Mendozamovie-2

3. Sana Dati by Jerrold Tarogmovie-3

4. Mariquina by Milo Soguecomovie-4

5. Ekstra by Jeffrey Jeturianmovie-5

6. Dagitab by Gian Carlo Abrahanmovie-6

7. Lola by Brillante Ma Mendozamovie-7



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