Lola Amour drops Korean version of ‘Pwede Ba’


Spoiler: It sounds so good, regardless of language.

Lola Amour just dropped a Korean version of their hit ‘Pwede Ba’ in celebration of the return of their original keyboardist Martin Kim. Kim temporarily left the band two years ago for his 2-year military service in Korea.


Lead vocalist Pio Dumayas revealed to Bandwagon that Kim will be a mainstay in Lola Amour as the band works on their first album, set to drop in 2020.

‘We’re really excited to get him back in the songwriting room and we hoped that releasing this would help get the listeners to feel the same way.’ said Dumayas.

‘Pwede Ba’, which follows one’s desperate attempt to stall an inevitable breakup, was first released back in 2018 and launched Lola Amour into the mainstream spotlight.