It’s a legit option

Since Rick Riordan announced the upcoming (faithful) reboot of the ‘Percy Jackson  and the Olympians’ series on Disney+, fans have been going wild on who to cast for the iconic novels.

With the Internet not being shy to suggest their faves, OG Percy Jackson and white boy of every month Logan Lerman has been egged on to play the god of the seas himself in the newest adaptation.

Logan lerman percy jackson poseidon, <b> People still really want Logan Lerman as Poseidon in the new &#8216;Percy Jackson&#8217; series </b>

The casting calls come after new pictures are surfacing of the 28-year-old actor essentially remaining lowkey and hiking around with his ceramicist girlfriend Annaluisa Corrigan.

With his scruffy beard and graying hair, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to see him as the almighty dad of his original character, TBH.





Logan himself tweeted out support for the latest series back in May, saying he’s excited for the books to get the adaptation they deserve.


When asked if he’d be down to play Poseidon though, he shared that he’d ‘definitely consider’ the role if given the chance.

‘Yeah, potentially, it just depends. It’s early right now you know. It usually starts with an announcement like this for a big project…They’ve got to approve scripts, budget it, and cast it. Do this whole thing.

‘I’m curious if there would be a role that would be interesting for me or something like that. I’d definitely consider it.’

Meanwhile, some have even called for the still smoking hot Alexandra Daddario, who played Annabeth in the Percy Jackson films, to play goddess Athena in the new series.

We’d like to see it