Youtube accidentally deleted ‘Lofi hip hop radio’


You can’t kill a god

ICYMI, the Internet’s favorite 24/7 stream ‘Lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to‘,  a video playing an endless loop of braingasmic lo-fi bops, was accidentally shut down by Youtube yesterday.

Running at an impressive 549 days straight before its closure, the channel creator ChilledCow immediately notified YouTube of the shut down as it apparently was ‘not in compliance of [Youtube’]’s Terms of Service‘.


With millions of people casually listening to the stream at any given time, the video’s dedicated listeners immediately blew up in defense of Study Girl and her array of beats.





Fortunately for the faithful stans, YouTube shortly replied to ChilledCow and admitted that it was a misstep on their part, reinstating the channel shortly after.

It isn’t quite clear what caused the ban in the first place, as YouTube didn’t issue a formal explanation. But people have pointed out that this isn’t the first time that YouTube had abruptly banned content, with the site under fire for years now for alleged algorithm issues.

In any case, order has been restored