Turns out Liza Soberano REALLY IS an expert in sinigang

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Let’s take a drive down meme-mory lane.

Remember last year when Liza Soberano sparked controversy after she defended the decision of casting foreign-blooded Filipinos in the fantaserye, ‘Bagani’?



Well, that tweet not only launched a hefty dose of debates and opinions, but also a whole bunch of memes, thanks to her ‘I looooove sinigang’ statement.


Hell, there’s even a remix about it

But in the new promo for her upcoming movie ‘Alone Together’, Liza seems to have fully embraced the meme by finally responding to it – with a twist!

The video features the 21-year-old and her co-love team, Enrique Gil, as she tries to guess the different types of sinigang in a funny taste test challenge.

As for the result? Let’s just say she rightfully earned her title as the ‘Queen of Sinigang’.

Watch it here:


Contributed by: Mark Baccay

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