Liza Soberano met Enrique Gil’s family and things are starting to get serious

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Liza Soberano says she learned a lot throughout their European vacation, saying that “happiness is always a choice”.

And it looks like things are starting to get serious. Enrique Gil shared with ABS-CBN that Liza met his family in Spain.

“It’s my first time to introduce somebody to my family [in] Spain. It was crazy,” he said. “It’s a huge step for me to make pakilala her to all of them.”

Soberano shares Gil’s grandmother was “ten times” as “animated” as him. “Yung lola ni Quen, sobrang animated siya. She’s just like Quen but 10 times more. For her age, she’s very hyper and she’s very funny. Walang dull moments. Hindi siya nauubusan ng kuwento,” Soberano said.

Gil mentioned that his grandmother had nothing but good things to say about Liza. “Sinasabi niya (his grandmother) sa akin na she loves Liza so much. Very edukada, very well-brought up woman. Natuwa naman ako,” he said.

When he was asked what he got Soberano for her birthday last January 4, he said, “I brought them to Disneyland Paris. [I got them the VIP treatment], sa mga exits kami dumadaan na parang Kardashians. For her and her family. It was her dream so I got it for her.”

In the same interview, Liza and Enrique reacted to Soberano being named as the 2017 Most Beautiful Face by TC Candler and The Independent Critics.

“I am really happy. Natuwa naman ako because Filipinos like me are being recognized in other countries and by other critics. I am very overwhelmed by the love that they have been sending towards me because I believe for that past three years, I’ve been in that list. I am really happy and I am very thankful that they chose me,” Soberano said.

We turned into a puddle of emotions when Enrique said this:

“It’s amazing. Kahit wala ‘yung TC Candler na iyan, para sa akin, siya ‘yung number one most beautiful. It doesn’t matter. Para sa akin, she’s number one ever since. She’s number one always in my heart.”

If that won’t make you a sure #LizQuen stan, we don’t know what will.


“I deserve to be happy and so does everyone else,” Soberano says in her Instagram post. You certainly do, Hope.

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