Liza Soberano gets mixed reactions after tweet on being ‘full Filipino’

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Liza Soberano spoke up after being criticized for not being Filipino enough to play her “Bagani” role.

She wrote in a tweet, “And who says were not pinoy? My Father is full filipino. I was raised by two filipinos since the age of 4. I looooove sinigang i think thats as pinoy as pinoy can get.”

She also responded to this tweet about Enrique Gil, her co-star in the Fantaserye:

Majority of the pvblic explained to Soberano how understanding the importance of cultural representation in the media was “much more important than her love for sinigang.”

One Twitter user wrote: “The problem here is Filipinos get the representation that even the pre-colonial ones looked like mestizas/os. I hope you realize how vital your role is to the youth especially that we hail mestiza skin. This is a social responsibility & doesn’t only depend on you loving sinigang.”

One user came to Liza’s aid, implicating she only responded to an “offensive” tweet which mentioned she wasn’t really a Pinoy:

To which the same Twitter user answered, “I don’t mean to prove the point of that but I’d like to give mine that Liza represents a Filipino from a pre-colonial setting and this may confuse the youth today most especially that we hail pointed nose and fair skin. Half-Pinoy siya, yes. Pero yung representation kasi.”

Some compared it to the case of Marvel’s “Black Panther” which employed actors of African descent.

For Twitter user Justine Chua, rather than following the crowd by tweeting sinigang tweets, she educated others on how reaching out to gently correct her is more helpful and powerful in getting any progress done.

What’s your point of view in all of this? #jointhemovement and leave a comment below.

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