Liza Soberano asked ‘Pangit ba ko?’ in the ‘My Ex and Whys’ trailer and people could not deal

We The Pvblic

The new trailer for My Ex and Whys shows Cali (Liza Soberano) and her ex Gio (Enrique Gil) in a bit of a dilemma. You see Cali struggling to move on from Gio and the hurt in her eyes as she questions Gio.

In the start, Gio introduces himself as mister stick to one to Cali. But we soon find out that Gio may have just said that to get with Cali.

Cali then asks him, “Am I not enough? Pangit ba ko? Kapalit-palit ba ko?”

And the whole universe was like:

Everyone’s answer in a nutshell: No.

We love you and your cute awkward dance, Liza!


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