Liza Soberano and BFF Michelle Vito get matchy-matchy millennial pink phones!

We The Pvblic

Samsung has officially launched the newest color variant of the Samsung Galaxy J7+ and J7 Pro which is ~millennial pink~ and we’re in love.

Liza Soberano and her real-life BFF Michelle Vito showed the pvblic picture perfect moments using the new J7+ and J7 Pro and we’ve got to say, we kind of want matchy-matchy phones with our besties now.

From their adorable throwback photos back in 2011, to their nostalgic sleepover photos, to their ultra-glamorous bestie shots in star-studded balls and events, this duo has documented their friendship the same way we all do with our own best friends.

It only goes to show that their friendship is set to grow even stronger with a phone that lets them capture perfect moments in the best way possible – with the Galaxy J7+ and J7 Pro in pink.

Just like Liza and Michelle, the Galaxy J7+ and J7 Pro in pink are perfect for best friends who love to declare their friendship through their style and hobbies. You can also express your personality through your favorite color and share the experience with your favorite person. Talk about #FriendshipGoals!

Sporting the Galaxy J-Series’ famous night camera, the J7+ and J7 Pro in pink allow users to capture the night in exceptional quality, regardless of lighting condition.

Top that with its signature 5.5” FHD Super AMOLED Display that lets you view each photo in the best quality possible. The J7+’s 13MP+5MP rear cameras with LED flash and 16MP front camera with LED Flash and J7 Pro’s 13MP rear autofocus camera with LED flash and 13MP front-facing camera with LED flash also lets you capture all your picture-perfect moments with your BFF with flare!

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