Liza and Kathryn are killing each other in their recent magazine covers

We The Pvblic

Attention KathNiel fans and LizQuen lovers!

Our ladies are covering for separate magazines at different months. It’s Liza Soberano for Metro Magazine’s January 2016 issue and Kathryn Bernardo for MEGA Magazine’s February 2016 issue.

There’s nothing much to talk about, really, but if you see the cover…



The Metro February 2016 issue is about Kathryn “in the mood for love”, while MEGA January 2016 tackles Liza on turning 18.

We see them being flooded with flowers in the background and a black-and-white pattern in their dress. Just look at them. Kathryn piercing into your soul with her sultry eyes, and Liza all relaxed and dolled up. She recently turned 18, after all.

What do you think? Who did better as cover models? Voice it out on the comments section!

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