We’re kinda creeped out with the planned, live-action Rugrats movie

Gelo Lasin

The show about babies with abnormally HUGE heads is being revived along with other classics


Tommy Pickles and the squad are getting another round of playtime as the 90’s show is set to be revived for 26 episodes, along with a planned CGI, live-action movie set for 2020.

The move isn’t surprising, considering Hollywood is feeling nostalgic atm, proven by the more than $1 billion earnings of Beauty and the Beast

While we loved the OG Rugrats show (‘Rugrats in Paris’ was the shit), we prefer that the toddlers avoid live-action, lest they look something like this


Or Angelica looking like this


Freaking nightmare fuel

Get the picture?

So yeah… we’ll take the animated series, hold off the CGI flick.

Oh and btw, Blue’s Clues, Hey Arnold!, Invader Zim and Rocko’s Modern Life are all getting revived too, but I’m betting you’re a bit freaked out at this point to care.

I wonder if they’ll do CatDog next?


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