‘I LOVE HER!’ Little Mix gushes over Morissette Amon’s ‘Secret Love Song’ cover

Gelo Lasin

Morissette Amon has a new fan!

The Filipina singer couldn’t help but be SHOOKT over Twitter as she shared clips of Little Mix watching her cover of the band’s signature hit,  ‘Secret Love Song’



Apparently, Jade Thirlwall of the popular girl group posted these clips on her IG story and proceeded to tag the Filipina singer with the caption ‘Is @itsmorissette real?!

Cheers and admiration could be heard throughout the video, with one even exclaiming ‘Oh I love her’ and ‘Oh my gosh!’

But that’s not all, Thirlwall was apparently so impressed that she even followed Morissette on Instagram, a fact that made the Kapamilya talent lose her mind!



Little Mix was watching Morissette’s performance at the Asia Song Festival 2017, held in Korea.

You can watch the performance here