LISTEN: LANY’s new post-breakup song ’13’ is going to hit you right in the feels

We The Pvblic

LANY’s breakout single was ILYSB, an explosion of emotions and beautiful words with a tune made for sunsets and roadtrips.

Now the latest single will send post-breakup chills down your spine because, FUCK MAN, RELATE MUCH?

Where did we go wrong? / I know we started out alright / Where did we go wrong? / I swear I knew we’d last this time / Where did we go wrong? / Oh did you, did you change your mind? / How could you change your mind?

I don’t know how much time we got, I don’t know how much to say / I don’t know, tell me what you want, I want you to want me to stay

It makes sense for LANY to make a chilling (heartbreaking) song after the album though to give the pvblic a breather before a full album, and it’s going to make sense for a lot of people going through the motions of love.

This one’s for the lost, confused, and the damned.

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