We’re all for keeping the faith but…

By now, you might’ve heard of former Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles and his stand on preventive measures against COVID-19. During his homily last Sept 23, he preached that Filipinos do not need face masks and social distancing, as long as they have ‘God’s Love’.

‘Hindi na kailangan yang mask, hindi na kailangan yang face shield, hindi na kailangan distancing. Bakit? Dahil mahal tayo ng Diyos at mahal natin siya’, he was quoted as saying.

‘Pag ang Diyos nasa atin, you don’t have to worry’.

Arguelles even took it a step further when he accused the ban on pvblic gatherings as the devil’s way of preventing people from attending mass.

And when asked for a statement by GMA News, the man of God became the man of conspiracy theories when he said that masks are shortening everyone’s lifespan – because they’re making us inhale carbon dioxide instead of fresh oxygen.

Still, Arguelles says that he isn’t against the preventive measures, only that they shouldn’t be ‘exaggerated’.

‘Kahit magalit sa’kin ang lahat ng tao, sinasabi ko lang ‘yung totoo. Ang Diyos lamang ang ating pag-asa‘, he said in the report.

COVID-19, <b> Forgive us father, but COVID-19 needs more than &#8216;God&#8217;s love&#8217; </b>

Look, we’re all for having faith in something. Heck, it’s probably one of the most important things during these troubling times. Having faith that the days will get better. That things will eventually go back to normal.

That, despite this flustercluck of a year, someone out there is looking out for us.

But when our personal beliefs, not only goes against an undeniable fact, but also endangers ourselves and everyone around us, that’s when we need to reconsider that maybe, just maybe, we need to reevaluate our views.

These COVID-19 measures are backed up by a crapton of research and adapted by frontliners, who risk their lives to make sure the pvblic gets through these tough times.

The least we could do is to not sabotage these efforts for them – and for the general public.

COVID-19, <b> Forgive us father, but COVID-19 needs more than &#8216;God&#8217;s love&#8217; </b>

Screenshot: Inquirer.net