The most hilariously relatable reactions to the ‘Lion King’ trailer

Gelo Lasin

OMG it’s finally here!

The first trailer for the live-action adaptation of ‘The Lion King and it has us HYPED – with good reason.

Not only does it look absurdly realistic (that ‘Circle of Life’ scene gave us chills), it also features a star-studded cast in Donald Glover (Simba), Beyonce (Nala) and more.

Seeing as their childhoods basically just came to life, netizens naturally went nuts and gave some hilariously relatable reactions.

It was bad enough when it was animated


The chant NEVER gets old


Half of the women in the audience will prob just be there for Beyonce


TBH, we don’t really care if it’s literally a rehash


Make way for your elders, kids!


Didn’t even realize that trailer was a clone of the original


Hayley is all of us


That lineup tho


Our wallets will officially die in 2019

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