‘Riverdale’ fans went gaga over Lili Reinhart’s bday greeting to Cole Sprouse

Gelo Lasin

BugHead is (sorta) confirmed!

While ‘Lili Reinhart x Cole Sprouse’ has always been more of fan speculation since neither has ever publicly confirmed nor denied it, Lili has seemingly given the thumbs up that they ARE a thing, thanks to an IG post on Cole’s bday.

The caption is too sweet not to mean something, with Lili feeling grateful that hers and Cole’s ‘intertwined to form this beautiful adventure.’

But it’s the ‘Happy birthday, my love’ part that sent fans over the edge.





Even their Riverdale co-stars couldn’t handle it

Madelaine Petsch wrote: ‘F U C K this is cute’ and Camilla Mendes could only muster a ‘šŸ˜­ā¤ļø’ reaction.

Lili Reinhart wasn’t done, even going to Twitter to show her ‘love’



Seriously guys, the only thing lacking is one big ‘YES’ from either one of them. Until then, we’ll just keep stanning these two for now.

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