VIRAL: People are LOVING this high school’s LGBT-friendly dress code

Gelo Lasin

Baby steps

The LGBT community here in Pinas has made considerable efforts in the past to make sure that its members get accepted by society as a whole.

One academic institution here in Pinas is doing its part to do just that.

Agusan National High School’s (ANHS) dress-code is going viral for its efforts to accommodate LGBT students.



The said dress code pretty much contains the same, traditional rules for boys and girls that can be found in any normal school.

But it’s the adjusted rules for LGBT students that really stands out

The rules read:

LGBT students and other students with valid reasons can have their preferred hairstyle, provided that it is decent and acceptable.

The long hair of gays must be tied and kept.

Gays may wear makeup and in moderation.

Plus, there are even ‘special considerations’ for LGBT’s when it came to the school attire

For example, lesbians are allowed to wear a white polo with gray pants.

Altho many were happy with the school’s effort, the move did open up a debate






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