LEGO’s huge 9,090-piece ‘Titanic’ set is priced at P31,800


LEGO has released many amusing collections like the ‘Central Perk’ set, Flower Bouquet set, and its first LGBTQ+ themed set earlier this year. Over a century after the RMS Titanic ship sank in the North Atlantic, the toy company created a large set to honor the enormous ship that cruised the seas.

The LEGO Titanic is designed as a 1:200 scale model of the OG cruise ship that has a total of 9,090 pieces. The three-dimensional set also includes different parts of the ship such as the bridge, promenade deck, and swimming pool, cross-sections of the First-Class grand staircase, smoking lounge, D-deck dining saloon, and engine room.

While most reports call it the building-block toy brand’s largest collection, it actually released an 11,695-piece Art World Map set that was released in May. However, this set measures 1.3 meters long (4 feet and 5 inches), which is nearly a foot longer than the world map.

Once your huge collection is pieced together, turn on the propellers and watch the piston engines turn inside to raise the anchor and adjust the tension line between masts. If you have extra LEGO blocks, you could also build your own Jack and Rose and recreate their scene in front of the boat when he screams, ‘I’m the king of the world!’

The LEGO Titanic set includes three separate instruction manuals in order to build it in three different sections. It is set for pre-order on November 1 and its release is slated for general sale on November 8, which retails for $629.99 (approximately P31,800). Check out LEGO’s website for more details.

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