Left 4 Dead 2 gets an update 10 years after its release


We’re back, gamers

After more than a decade since its release, OG zombie horror game ‘Left 4 Dead 2‘ is getting an unexpected update made by fans, for fans.

ICYDK, ‘Left 4 Dead 2‘ is a 2009 first-person shooter game where players can choose between four playable characters (Coach, Nick, Rochelle, and Ellis) as the gang shoots, swings, and sprints their way out of the zombie apocalypse.

It’s gained serious acclaim as one of the best zombie games of the 2000s, not to mention being an OG game for PS2 and PC players.

left for dead 2, <b> Left 4 Dead 2 gets an update 10 years after its release </b>
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Meanwhile, the latest official update dubbed ‘The Last Stand‘ is created by fans and serves as the game’s first official mod in 8 years following 2012’s ‘Cold Stream’.

 ‘It has been many years since the infection first hit. Radio silence, no sign of life, nothing but lingering hope,’ the update’s synopsis reads.

‘CEDA is not going to save us. But there is hope! A few brave souls have continued the fight against all odds, and soon we can all benefit from their resilience.’