FRESH AF: Lebron sports a Lakers jersey for the FIRST time

Gelo Lasin

I am a huge, HUUUGE Laker fan

I’ve been stanning the Purple and Gold since I can remember. I practically grew up watching Kobe, seeing him transform from a fresh-faced rookie to one of the NBA’s GOATs.

So when LeBron decided to come to LA to help out my struggling Lakers, I was MIND. BLOWN.

When The King donned a Lakers jersey for the first time earlier today. I was practically comatosed. For a few minutes.

Here’s LeBron wearing the Purple and Gold

That number 23 never looked this GOOOD!

The King is wearing KOBEs! These are FIRE!


The sneaks are a Lakers-inspired version of the Undefeated Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro


Fellow fans are just as HYPED






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