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Gone are the days when studying with friends in the library or at a cafe is something that was an ordinary part of your student life. Instead of exploring your university’s campus, you’re probably stuck in a designated corner of your room where you virtually see your blockmates inside small rectangles.

While the rest of the world is slowly re-opening its classroom doors, the Philippines goes through another round of learning online. Case in point: it is the only country in Asia, and one of the two nations in the world that haven’t returned to physical classes because of the pandemic.

Learning through a screen can be exhausting at times, but it wouldn’t hurt to hear some academic advice and hacks from fellow students to help you get by. In case you haven’t explored this side of YouTube, there are actually content creators that dedicate videos to their student life. Whether you’re in college, medical school, or law school, you’ll definitely enjoy watching the roundup of the vloggers below.

Cheeni Dy

Cheeni Dy started posting school-related videos when she was about to enter as a medical student at the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute (DLSMHSI). If you need a study buddy, you can join her as you play her “study with me” segments. She also has a Q&A video on NMAT, how her first week in med school went, and catch her other vlogs paired with a witty hashtag #RoadtoMDy.

Raya Maurelle

From online class vlogs to productivity tips, Raya Maurelle has got your back. She’s a psychology major from the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU). Her channel has videos on how to be a Dean’s Lister, helpful Chrome extensions, a study desk tour, and more. You can also watch entertaining videos like answering assumptions of Ateneans or binge her pre-pandemic vlogs to get a glimpse of her IRL college life.

Gio Ilagan

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a medical student amid an ongoing pandemic? Gio Ilagan is a medical student from the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH) who shows you his journey through his digital diary. You’ll see him share his med school application experience, but also how he had face-to-face classes a.k.a his first hospital rotation for his clerkship duties.

Mar Fortuno

Pulling an all-nighter alone may seem nerve-racking, but Mar Fortuno can keep you company through real-time “study with me” videos. She also has one version with a mechanical keyboard typing ASMR in the background. Her other vlogs center around how she prepares for uni, how she spent her mid-sem break, and just like any student, she shows how she studies for countless hours. The 19-year-old is currently taking biology as her pre-med course at the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD).

Sophie Concio

This communications technology student is one of the local vloggers who recorded their college journey from the start. You’ll see Sophie Concio’s reaction when she got accepted into her dream school a.k.a. ADMU. If you haven’t been on the campus, you can live through her past vlogs as she takes you with her. Apart from that, you’ll also see her preparing for another online semester, a quarantine study vlog, and making sure to insert some much deserved self-care session after all the hard work.

Liz and Nikko

You can lowkey be the third wheel of Liz and Nikko as you watch the couple’s med vs. law student couple IQ test, Q&A segments, and games like ‘who’s more likely to challenge’. They also have individual content about a day in the life of a med student, tips on how to pass UPCAT, getting accepted in law school, and more. While Liz is a PolSci graduate from UPD and currently a law student at the Ateneo Law School (ALS), Nikko finished MedTech at the University of Sto. Tomas (UST) and continued med school in the same institute.

Cleo Loque

You’ve probably seen Cleo Loque a.k.a. Your Sunshine, Cleo outside of YouTube because of her women-owned brand Hiraya Pilipina or heard her podcast Kwentuhang Pilipina. But ICYDK, this go-getter teen is currently an entrepreneur major at Enderun Colleges. Watch her talk about the other universities she considered, how the first week of online classes went, how to cope with it, and more. The 17-year-old also has a few vlogs back when she was in senior high school.

JV Tomas

If you’re a med student or aspiring to be one, JV Tomas produces content that is dedicated to all your med school curiosities. He is currently in his third year at the St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine. His channel has a segment called ‘RealTok’, which covers the pros and cons of online med school and discusses if this specific course is really just for the rich. He also invites guests from different med schools in the country and as they talk about their school and student life.

Tonie Moreno

Tonie Moreno is currently a law student at the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Civil Law or UST Law. Apart from making her way towards the legal world, her bio states that she works as a host and an “all around arte-girl”. Since everything is digitally accomplished these days, she shares how she studies using her iPad, how she was still studying during her birthdays, law school tips for working students, and more.

Ciara Gan

Catch Ciara Gan sipping on coffee as she goes through her virtual set-up. While she’s a computer science major at ADMU, the 20-year-old student also shared that she enjoys learning French. She also shows how chaotic her schedule can get sometimes as she juggles attending one class on her laptop and a meeting on her iPad. She also shares online class advice that nobody told her about and how she passed all her CETs, with specific tips per college.


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