Lea Salonga’s apology proves our reading comprehension really is the worst

Nope, it wasn’t the Philippines she was cursing

Lea Salonga took to Twitter to clear things up after she was accused of being unpatriotic for her recent Facebook post. The multi-awarded actress previously wrote Dear Pilipinas, p***** ina, ang hirap mong mahalin’ which has since been deleted. Apart from her outburst, she also lamented the fear of airing criticism in an otherwise democratic government.

Lea owned up to her post and clarified that she wasn’t actually cussing the country out, but rather, was merely venting her frustration. The cuss word served as ‘an outburst, a cry’, and wasn’t actually directed at anyone in particular.

‘So, to further clarify, I didn’t say p- i- mo, or p- i- ka. If that was what I meant, I would’ve been explicit in my expression’, she tweeted.


She went on to apologize for her choice of words, admitting that she totally understands the negative reactions.

‘I totally understand and get that you’re doing it as one tasked to protect our country from anyone that dares to desecrate it. Know though that that was not my intent’.

But much like the majority of the Internet, we feel like the apology was unnecessary. The issue only proves that a) controversy is inevitable when you have the balls to stand up for your beliefs and that b) we really do have the lowest reading comprehension skills out there.

lea salonga, <b> Lea Salonga&#8217;s apology proves our reading comprehension really is the worst </b>