LDRs are manageable with the right person


With the ease of lockdown restrictions, the question is: are you and your partner still together?

At this point, we all likely know that what was hard before the pandemic is even harder now. This goes for many things, including long-distance relationships.

Because of this, living apart has taken into a new complexity. But thankfully, the economic and technical advancements help bring us closer to our loved ones. Everything’s virtual anyway. Zoom na lang muna!

So here are a few tips on how to feel together even when you’re apart:


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Be there when you can’t be there.

Since LDR couples can’t be together *physically*, make up for it through virtual dates! Create mutual experiences even when you’re in different places. This way, it’s easier to intertwine your lives together.

Play online games together, watch sappy movies and cry about it, binge-watch on your favorite series, or go on Zoom-dates! They’re not just for work! *wink*

Immersive and real-time communication technologies can make the distance seem more manageable.

Make time, find time, invest time.


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Build an emotional connection.

But since people in long-distance relationships are not bounded by space, they tend to forget to build an emotional connection.

Psychological researcher John Gottman coined the idea of bidding for an emotional connection. Basically, they’re “requests to connect.” And oftentimes, they’re hints of requests in a form of vulnerability.

“Can we FaceTime while I study for an exam?” 

It’s the bids we make that could save our relationships. In short, ~it matters~!

Find the right amount of communication.

People in long-distance relationships tend to have a handful of misunderstandings here and there because of the physical gap, so it’s always important to find the right amount of communication.

Different people also prefer different levels of communication. So if it’s important for your partner to hear from you throughout the day, check in and send updates every now and then. But if you’re a dry texter and find it unnecessary, discuss it with your partner and compromise from there.

The key is to meet in the middle!

Bottomline: LDR works just like any other relationships do!

A study proves to have found no support for the idea that long-distance relationships differ from geographically close relationships. The same study suggests that long-distance relationships “can have just as much intimacy, high quality communication and satisfaction as geographically close relationships.”

LDR works just like any other relationships do!

The most important thing is how you weave your lives together. Navigate through it together. After all, relationships require commitment from both ends. Work must come from both of you. It takes two to tango!

And it’s definitely worth the wait.


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