2021’s most used emoji is ‘uncool’ for Gen-Zs


After seeing your top artists through Spotify Wrapped, there’s another thing that you might want to look into: the most-used emoji. While there isn’t an app to check your personal emoji stats, Unicode Consortium posted a report that highlights the emojis that globally made the cut in 2021, with the tears of joy emoji landing number one.

The non-profit software organization says that roughly 92 percent of the world’s online population uses these digital icons to interact with others. The lauging-with-tears emoji, which is apparently considered “uncool” by Gen Z, accounted for over 5 percent of all emoji use.

There are 3,663 emojis overall, but the ones that made it to the top 100 list might appear underwhelming to some or accurate to others. However, Unicode says nothing drastic changed compared to their previous report in 2019. Following the most-used emoji are the red heart (❤️), ROFL face (🤣), thumbs up (👍), and loudly crying face (😭), respectively.

You can check other emojis in the image below or when you click here.

emoji, <b> 2021’s most used emoji is &#8216;uncool&#8217; for Gen-Zs </b>
Screenshot via Unicode Consortium’s website

There are emojis with a huge leap in rankings like the pleading face emoji (🥺) which you probably comment on cute doggo vids or when you message that one person – climbing from 97 to 14. Other symbols also jumped to a higher place like the birthday cake emoji (🎂) going 88 spots up to 25, and the balloon emoji (🎈) now at 48 from 139.

Earlier this year, Adobe released a report called The Global Emoji Trend Report 2021 for World Emoji Day. It showed that the eggplant emoji (🍆 ) ranked first as the most misunderstood emoji globally, followed by the peach (🍑) and clown (🤡).

There are possibly other studies on emojis and it doesn’t come as a surprise since it has been an integral part of communicating in this day and age. How else are you going to express your thoughts if there are no words for it?

emoji, <b> 2021’s most used emoji is &#8216;uncool&#8217; for Gen-Zs </b>

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