#LastNormalPhoto: People are posting their last ‘normal’ pics before the pandemic


Ah, before shit hit the fan

Remember when social gatherings were a thing? When you were around people without protective gear and the fear of contracting a virus? Good times.

To commemorate those days, people from Twitter are throwing it back to the very last ‘normal‘ photo on their phone before the lockdowns in their countries happened.

Initially prompted by a BBC article, the thousands of people participating are ultimately sharing lowkey slices of life that we’ve probably taken for granted – and each entry is endearing in its own way.







Despite the Coronavirus affecting all of us differently, it’s nice to see a semblance of ‘normalcy‘ amidst all this craziness, even if it’s through small glimpses of strangers’ lives.

It’s also a breath of fresh air to be reminded that whatever we’re dealing with right now, we’re not completely alone in this – and if you still don’t believe it, you can always scroll through Twitter’s #LastNormalPhoto.

Hbu, what was your last normal pic?

, <b> #LastNormalPhoto: People are posting their last &#8216;normal&#8217; pics before the pandemic </b>