Rap beefs aren’t uncommon. Someone makes a verse poking holes at another’s legacy, and suddenly you have Nas v Jay Z or 50 Cent v Ja Rule. So when Ez Mil exploded on the scene with ‘Panalo’, it’s only a matter of time before the haters came rushing in.

And rush they did. Now, the Fil-Am rapper is facing his first pvblic rival and it’s… Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard Chan?

According to the Cebu-based newspaper The Freeman, Mayor Chan is seeking a city council decision to declare Ez Mil as a ‘persona non-grata’ over a lyric in ‘Panalo’, which claims that Lapu-Lapu was supposedly beheaded in Mactan.

In a translation from Cebuano, Chan’s apparently sees the line as ‘making a big mockery of our hero who should be respected, not ridiculed’. He’s also irate over Ez Mil’s decision not to revise the line despite the controversy.

For the record, no one knows how Lapu-Lapu actually died. Hell, historians even disagree with his image as the sculpted warrior who took down Magellan, as he was estimated to be 70 years old when the Battle of Mactan happened.

Historical mumbo-jumbo aside, Ez Mil has since apologized for the verse, saying it was a ‘ploy to drive traffic and talk’. Lo and behold, it worked and now we have one of the weirdest rap beefs in recent memory.

Ez Mil, <b> Lapu-Lapu City mayor now has beef with Ez Mil </b>