It’s clear that Lapu-Lapu City in Central Visayas was hoping to turn a few heads during their 59th Charter Anniversary last Wednesday, June 17th. They definitely succeeded, just not in the way they hoped.

As a tribute to the bravery of workers who continue to fight in the pandemic, city hall decided to spray its grounds in blood-colored water. Per Interaksyon, the ceremony also saw Mayor Junard Chan mentioning the names of every single frontliner in the city.

But while its intention were pure, the tribute instead gathered scrutiny and criticism from the Internet, who considered it wasteful, both in terms of sentiment and resources.

Some considered it as ’empty’, while others said that the real tribute comes in the form of proper equipment and compensation for medical workers.


The negative sentiment echoes the struggles of frontliners, which continue even 3 months into the COVID-19 crisis. The Department of Health has been slammed for its failure to provide the necessary assistance, both in funding and equipment,. Secretary Francisco Duque himself has received multiple clamors to resign, including from senators and the private healthcare sector.

frontliners, <b> Lapu-Lapu City threw &#8216;blood&#8217; water to pay tribute to frontliners </b>