Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper and the stigma of opposite-sex friendships

Gelo Lasin

I’ve always had the same lingering issue with every person that I’ve ever dated. In their minds, it is outright impossible for men and women to be just friends.

This mentality is a definite bummer, considering that all of my best buds happen to be of the opposite sex.

It’s not that I don’t like hanging out with the guys. It’s just that in my experience, women are more emotionally open, provide a diff perspective in life, and are absolutely the best wingmen you could ever ask for… among other things.

However, if Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the Oscar’s proved anything, it’s that this stigma isn’t a fluke. A good chunk of society ACTUALLY believes that men and women are seemingly incapable of entering a completely platonic relationship.

The pair performed ‘Shallow’ on awards night and it was nothing short of amazing. The two, who have expressed their mutual admiration in the past, simply oozed with undeniable chemistry.

Seeing as the rendition got pretty intimate at the end, people started to roast Bradley’s girlfriend Irina Shayk and insisted that the actor should be with Gaga instead.


Let’s not forget that a) Bradley has a child with his girlfriend b) They’re actors so they’re paid to look this perfect and c) This is the same society that crucifies people for being unfaithful.

It’s freaking absurd.


However, once my rush of disbelief died down, I realized that it’s also kind of hard to fault people for having this kind of mentality, Filipinos especially.

After all, falling in love with your BFF is basically the premise of every generic rom-com and novel out there. And if our hugot culture is any indication, we Filos are hopeless romantics who are suckers for grandiose ideas of love.

But at the end of the day, life isn’t a scripted storyline. We live in a world where different possibilities could – and do – exist.

Not all men are the stereotyped horny a-holes we’ve all been led to believe. Not all women who are nice to you are leading you on. And two people who effortlessly connect with each other don’t always have to end up as lovers.

As mind-boggling as it might seem, people are capable of showing different forms of love, including friendship. Friends can just be friends, regardless of sex.

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