La Mère Poulard gives the Filipino pvblic a taste of Mont Saint-Michel

Margaux Madamba

La Mère Poulard, a world-renowned French restaurant, has brought its unintimidating, comforting, and delicious flavors of Mont Saint-Michel to the Philippines.

Its first Manila branch opened in January 2018 at SM Aura Premier and we got a taste of their incredible dishes!

Famous for its open kitchen design, we had the honor of having Chef Gilles Geneaux, all the way from France, cook their famous puff omelettes right in front of us.

The experience of having these puff omelettes cooked right before our eyes as we listened to the beat created by the whisking of eggs is something that has always been part of La Mère Poulard’s identity.

Chef Gilles Geneaux

Chef Clement Marc Pierre Damotte, the head chef of La Mère Poulard – Philippines, was also present to share more stories about the restaurant, its dishes, and its history.

In 1988, Annette Poulard opened her first inn in the heart of Mont Saint-Michel, France. It didn’t take long for her to become famous in France and became “La Mère Poulard,” an honorary title awarded during that era to the country’s finest female cooks.

Chef Clement Marc Pierre Demotte

Upon trying La Mère Poulard’s different dishes, we realized why they were special. Besides being made from the best locally sourced ingredients, they serve their dishes in beautiful copper cocottes and pans like how it was served in Normandy, France.

Check out the images below to appreciate their wide array of French and Filipino meals with some dishes exclusively made in their Philippine branch!

Chicken salad

Fish and shellfish soup

Beef Caldereta in Burgundy style

The atlantic cod loin in Provençal style

Beef tenderloin Tataki

Smoked salmon and brioche

The baby scallop and tiger prawn creamy rice

The bacon and potato puff omelette

Bourbon vanilla crème brûlée

Caramelized apple tarte tatin

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