VIRAL: This netizen’s story about her abusive bf will shock you to your core

Gelo Lasin

Physical and emotional abuse has always been a no-no

But in a viral Twitter thread by user @dianekiimberly on twitter, we were reminded of just how bad and damaging it can get.

Kim started off with her reason for posting

And gave reminders to abused women everywhere

Kim begins her story

The red flags started popping up

And it only got worse

And then it started

Kim posted pics of her scars

Apparently, the guy didn’t just beat her

WARNING: GRAPHIC. This was the worst beating Kim received

Kim received texts from the guy re: the incident

Even Kim’s personal stuff didn’t escape her bf’s wrath

Kim had a few choice words for her ex

A netizen exposed Kim’s ex bf’s name: Kyle Viray

Netizens were quick to show their support for Kim

And their ire for Kyle Viray

Apparently, Kim wasn’t the only victim. A girl named Gil Morales shared a similar experience

‘Sarap mo bugbugin ulit’ Wow.

Kyle’s school, UST, has heard of the incident, and decided to penalize Kyle with ‘community service’

Many felt it wasn’t enough

Others are bringing up the issue of mental health, but the pvblic isn’t having it.

One thing’s for sure tho: No sin stays hidden forever.