LOOK: Kyle Viray has been kicked out of UST

Gelo Lasin

The bill has been paid

Last month, UST’s Kyle Viray made headlines after stories of his physical abuse towards his exes went viral.

The most well-known incident came from his former gf, Diane Kimberly, who revealed on Twitter the toll that Viray’s beatings took, including her suffering from severe hematoma.

UST eventually got wind of the story and ‘punished’ Kyle Viray with 250 hours of community service

But it was a sentence many felt wasn’t enough.





While the injustice seemed to be set in place, The Varsitarian has just reported that Kyle Viray has now been expelled, after ANOTHER physical abuse complaint was filed by a fellow Thomasian.

Gil Nicole Morales was the newest complainant

Gil also launched her own viral Twitter thread about back in July, which included snaps of the horrible exchanges and bruises she suffered under Kyle.

‘Sarap mo bugbugin ulit.’ Unbelievable.

Following the second complaint, and after being found guilty of ‘violating UST’s Code of Conduct and Discipline’, the university has (finally) ‘excluded Viray from the roll of students’ and is ‘disqualified from enrolling in any program.’

The pvblic was more than happy with the decision





Altho some felt that UST’s action was a bit too slow





In any case, we’re happy that justice has been served

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