Why Kris Aquino appeals to millennials

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Kris Aquino has been a household name for the longest time, sparking conversations from our TV screens to the digital landscape, which she continues to conquer.

She lives up to her Queen of All Media title by showing us a thing or two about how she handles her social media accounts to amplify brands, her beliefs, and her two cents’ worth, whether its politics or advice on how to get your kilay game on fleek.

1. She’s honest.

Kris keeps it real.

I’ve been asked why i continue working as hard as i do? My answer is twofold- 1st my mom raised me to be worthy because she guided me to embrace the reality “to whom much is given, much more is expected in return”… i’m finally in bed & ready to sleep. I won’t lie- i am exhausted. But i’m gratified because i know clients & production saw i gave them more than 100%… Secondly, yaya Raquel told me my 2 boys valiantly tried to stay awake until 3 AM waiting for their mama to get home… i’m super touched by their love, and i value it more knowing it comes w/ respect & appreciation because they see i champion our truth that life needs for me to succeed day by day in being the sole responsible provider for us. Search my core- my mom & my sons will always be my reasons & inspiration. #family ♥️♥️♥️

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Hot shower done & ready to sleep. It was a tough shoot- but so proud they trusted me to champion the women empowerment advocacy. Before i sleep this is a THANK YOU, to the team behind the endorsement i shot- we’ve been together more than 6 years. Their faith in me i’ve learned to CHERISH. 💚 I’ve been blessed w/ a LOYAL team- naka tutok & naka bantay- thank you to my KCAP staff, @nix722 for the abundance of good news, @alvingagui, @jacksalvador, my styling team @boopyap & @kimiyap, @rbchanco & @jonathanvelasco__ for doing superb jobs considering how long we had to shoot, plus my drivers, security, and Bincai. They all support my 100% effort because we share the same work ethic. Everyone i mentioned- they stuck it out through the lean times, that’s y i needed to post this so they’ll know how much i VALUE them & also to hopefully inspire all of you- we didn’t give up, we kept striving, and i now know to celebrate every opportunity & be grateful for each day to day accomplishment God blesses my life with. ♥️♥️♥️

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2. She shows the pvblic how important family is.

She posts about her family on the regular, with words that might make you emotional as you read through them.

3. She’s incredibly effective with brands.

Continuation of LIPSTICK LOVE BY KRIS 💄💋

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Especially when she uses it against bashers.

San Mig beer, you’re welcome.

The pvblic probably went out to get more Chowking after this #ParaYouCanChill hashtag:

4. She’s ~extra~ AF.

Did you make a write-up about yourself on your yearbook describing yourself as “the associate editor who delayed her write-up for weeks and drove Bubs crazy?” No? Well, she did.

5. She gives millennials hope (and jobs).

Remember when she hired Aldrich Nartia, a fan who made a meme video with clips from one of Kris’ blog posts?

How about the time she hired 21-year-old Trisha Duncan, a student at De La Salle University fighting lupus?

“If you’re ever interested to join our team come June, maybe you’ll take a break, after that, maybe September. You’re very much welcome to become a part of our family because I champion people who do not let setbacks get them down,” Kris said to Trisha, offering her a job at her company Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions (KCAP).

“Thank you po sa (for the) offer with your team! Super kinilig ako (I felt really flattered) and it motivates me to finish by June. Claiming it!!” Trisha said afterwards.

If you don’t like her, at least take notes because this woman is the real deal.

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