Korina Sanchez looks gorgeous in her EDSA billboard

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Last October, during Dr. Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho’s Parisian wedding, we were all wowed by Korina Sanchez’s foolproof combo of a sophisticated style and glowing tan—the TV reporter has never looked this good.

But it seems like we spoke too soon. Korina Sanchez is still so blooming, sporting such a youthful look—and everyone driving by EDSA is there to witness her transformation.

The reporter’s first solo billboard is for a Belo endorsement, and we could easily spot all the pounds she has lost. Korina knows exactly what you’re thinking: “People who haven’t seen me in a while or maybe haven’t started following me on IG or FB are wondering aloud: HOW DID SHE GET THAT THIN? How did her face get that small,” she writes on an Instagram post.

“Well, there are no shortcuts to getting fit. You just have to watch what you eat. To get toned you have to exercise. And that’s what I did. Lost 15 pounds and I purposely got darker. I like to be tanned,” she adds.

The broadcaster reveals she had a painless and nonsurgical process to help tighten her skin and sculpt her face to make the cheekbones more prominent right after shedding some pounds.

We’ve been following Korina on Instagram for quite some time now, and among all her recent gorgeous looks, this one’s our favorite!

Now aren’t you thinking of getting a radiant tan, too?

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