Korean words like ‘K-drama’, ‘samgyeopsal’, and more were added to the English dictionary


The influence of South Korean culture and language has reached places from all over the world. Apart from consuming films, music, fashion, and food, people also adopted some of their terms. Recently, 26 new Korean words were included in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

The “accepted authority on the English language” was dominated by Korean food in this year’s update. One of the Filipinos go-to meals, samgyeopsal, was added along with other food-related words like bulgogi, japchae, and more. Meanwhile, shows like Squid Game, Start-Up, and Crash Landing on You remind you of one word: K-drama — which happened to make the update as well.

Other phrases might come as a surprise like the interjection fighting, which sounds like a common English word. But in the Korean context, it is defined as “expressing encouragement, incitement, or support: ‘Go on!’ ‘Go for it!’”

The OED said in a statement that the adoption and development of the newly added Korean words in English present how “lexical innovation isn’t limited to the traditional centres” of English in the U.S. and United Kingdom.

It said, ‘They show how Asians in different parts of the continent invent and exchange words within their own local contexts, then introduce these words to the rest of the English-speaking world, thus allowing the Korean wave to continue to ripple on the sea of English words.’

Below is the full list of Korean words added to this year’s Oxford English Dictionary:
1. aegyo, n. and adj.
2. banchan, n.
3. bulgogi, n.
4. chimaek, n.
5. daebak, n., int., and adj.
6. dongchimi, n.
7. fighting, int.
8. galbi, n.
9. hallyu, n.
10. hanbok, n.
11. japchae, n.
12. K-, comb. form
13. K-drama, n.
14. kimbap, n.
15. Konglish, n. and adj.
16. Korean wave, n. in Korean, adj. and n.
17. manhwa, n.
18. mukbang, n.
19. noona, n.
20. oppa, n.
21. PC bang, n.
22. samgyeopsal, n.
23. skinship, n.
24. tang soo do, n.
25. trot, n.
26. unni, n.

korean, <b> Korean words like &#8216;K-drama&#8217;, &#8216;samgyeopsal&#8217;, and more were added to the English dictionary </b>

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