What a sight for Sora eyes

Per Hypebeast, Disney+ is in the works to turn the convoluted story of Sora, Donald, and Goofy into a series adaptation.

The news was first reported by CinemaSpot leaker Emre Kaya, who shared that Square Enix produced the film with Disney+ backing the franchise rights.

The series will also apparently be in CGI – which is just a breath of fresh air for fans who can’t get enough of the games’ animation.


Emre was then backed by several other reputable video game leakers, such as MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad and DisIndier’s Skyler Shuler.

Shuler furthers that Disney’s OG voice actors are set to lend their voice to the series, such as Jim Cummings, Bill Farmer, and Tony Anselmo.


ICYDK,  ‘Kingdom Hearts‘ is a Square Enix RPG that has spanned 18 years and more than 10 games in almost all platforms since the PlayStation 2.

The game follows a boy named Sora who travels different Disney worlds with Goofy and Donald Duck – but any fan can tell you that the lore has become much deeper (and more confusing) than that.

Meanwhile, there’s no official announcement yet from both Disney+ or Square Enix – but we’re keeping our keyblades close.

Here’s to hopefully making sense of the lore

kingdom hearts series, <b> &#8216;Kingdom Hearts&#8217; apparently eyed as Disney+ original series </b>