The police just crammed social distancing violators into trucks


ICYMI, a high-end bar in Makati was raided by the police last Sunday for allegedly violating social distancing protocols. At least 100 people, including host KC Montero, were nabbed. Under the general community quarantine (GCQ), bars aren’t allowed to operate for health reasons.

Montero was adamant that social distancing was observed, but admitted that he probably didn’t do enough research about the GCQ regulations on mass gatherings.

‘That place was open before so parang feeling ko, okay. Why were they open if they’re not allowed to open? Maybe that’s my fault, I didn’t do my research. So feeling ko, they’re allowed to be open’, adding that he and his wife were only there for dinner.

Montero also pointed out what he called ‘backward social distancing’, as the offenders were filmed being crammed inside police trucks.

According to other reports, the police previously received a tip that exclusive gatherings were being held at the resto-bar, without the proper physical distancing.


Screenshot from ABS-CBN News