Katy Perry sent a peace offering to Taylor Swift to end their bad blood

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Katy Perry has sent an olive branch to Taylor Swift as a peace offering.

Swift posted a video on her Instagram stories account with the caption “Thank You Katy” with a heart emoji. In case you didn’t know, the olive branch is a symbol of peace and victory.

The video also included a letter from Perry with a cute dog stamp on it as well. “This means so much to me,” Swift said in the video.

The fight started where the two had a dispute over back up dancers over the past. The two have made records about it like Swift’s 2014 “Bad Blood” and Perry’s 2017 hit “Swish Swish” which is “a great anthem for people to use whenever somebody’ trying to hold you down or bully you.”

Perry had attempted to clear the air between them when she had apologized for past actions and called Swift a “fantastic singer,” although it fell on deaf ears. However, Swift had acknowledged this peace offering along with a letter which begins with: “Hey Old Friend, I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and hurt feelings between us.”


Hopefully, the two will finally work things out and everything will be right again in the world, because, same:

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