Was Karen Davila wrong in grilling Pacquiao about his college degree?

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News anchor Karen Davila recently got slammed on social media by netizens after bombarding Manny Pacquaio with college degree-related questions.

During the recent interview of yesterday’s episode of Headstart, Karen asked Pacman, who is now a lawmaker, if he believes that Senators and Presidents should be degree holders, to which he said ‘yes’.

Davila then said that if a college degree becomes a requirement, Pacquiao may not qualify.

The senator answered that he is studying right now, which then reaped a follow-up question, ‘May college degree ka na?’

Manny simply answered, ‘soon’, but the questioning did not stop there. Karen then repeatedly inquired about Manny’s chosen school,  but the boxing champ chose to be evasive throughout, even joking that he’ll just whisper it after the interview.

The interview did not sit well with some people on Twitter, who claimed that Karen had ‘no right’ to embarrass Pacquiao with supposedly demeaning type of questions.


Others are siding with Davila, pointing out that she was just doing her job and that hard-hitting questions SHOULD be the norm for public figures.






This isn’t the first time that Karen Davila’s interviews caught the attention of the pvblic. Four years ago, her interview with Alma Moreno also made headlines and became a breeding ground of memes.

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