Spotify’s ‘Karaoke Mode’ is like your judgmental tita during family reunions


Whether or not you can hit the right notes, having a karaoke party is something you already experienced – from drunken nights with your barkada to family bondings. But with Spotify’s new ‘Karaoke Mode’, you can belt out your fave tunes wherever you are.

The new feature can be seen on the top right corner of the app’s Lyrics screen, where the “Sing” button can be located. You’ll see the lyrics and a small sound bar, which analyzes your voice to give you a score possibly based on how you matched the lyrics and notes.

Those who are excited to sing the night away must update to the latest version of the music platform on their devices. This can be accessed by all Spotify users, even those who are using the free version.

A TikTok user named lyramoon pointed out the new feature on June 26. It instantly went viral and got other Spotify users curious. She showed an example by singing along to Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. She then had a score of 67% and a prompt in true karaoke fashion that read, ‘Nice one! You’re on the road to become famous!’

While other users have already accessed Spotify’s ‘Karaoke Mode’, reports said that it may take a few more days for the feature to reach other countries worldwide.


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♬ original sound – gaelle! 🌈

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