Let’s be honest: ‘Kara Mia’ memes are terrifying AF

Gelo Lasin

Look, I have to give props to GMA. Sure, their shows might not always be a hit with the pvblic (*cough* Victor Magtanggol *cough*), but they’ve always had the balls to think outside the box.

Flying Eagle Men? Check! A fully realized fantasy world with good lore and decent characters? Awesome! A drama that gives an insightful look at LGBT relationships? Hell yes!


GMA teleseryes are, at times, conceptually better than their Kapamilya counterparts, especially when you compare them to that overhyped show with a thin, redundant plot about cheating spouses (*cough* Halik *cough*. Damn these allergies).

It stands to be expected then, that this ballsy network would debut something special for 2019. But even with all that anticipation, GMA’s latest still proved to be shocking – and IMO, pretty terrifying.

Titled ‘Kara Mia’, the show, which stars Barbie Forteza and Mika Dela Cruz, tells the story of two faces co-existing in the same body, ’cause apparently, the writers were massive fanboys of Harry Potter.

Look, I’m sure there’s a moral lesson hidden somewhere in the show’s freakiness. At one point, Kara and Mia will even discover a way to acquire separate bodies. So maybe the story’s about sisterhood? Independence? Self-love? Who the hell knows?

Only one thing’s for sure: ‘Kara Mia’ is a goldmine for the Internet’s creepiest meme fetish to date:

‘Pakopya sis’

Unli oxygen

When you’re the driver and conductor at the same time



Best. Patintero. Teammate. EVER.

Karamia Gray (oh-god-why)

Karamia Gray#GMA

Posted by Edwin Bloodworth Oquindo Jr. on Saturday, 12 January 2019


It even inspired the #KaraMia challenge

TBH, this one has me confused. Should I laugh because it’s funny? Or should I be sympathetic, because I’m aware that #flatchested struggles are waaay too real?



So in the end, GMA just managed to create the most meme-able show on the planet, which ensures that the project will practically promote itself, thereby setting up one of the most anticipated teleserye debuts in the network’s history.


Not a bad move at all, especially for a concept that could’ve been inspired by an extra face that whispered suicidal thoughts to its owner.

Try meme-ing the fuck out of that.


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