ICYMI, veteran journalist Kara David has been dropping free journalism classes on her official YouTube channel – and if that’s not enough to get you excited, her latest video showcases an actual in-depth analysis of a Taylor Swift track. *Cue the applause*

The 3-minute video first shows David (with a ‘Swiftie’ sticker on her laptop, no less) briefly talking about the importance of story structures, as she then dives deep into TSwift’s ‘Champagne Problems‘ from the album ‘evermore‘.

With ‘Champagne Problems‘ meaning ‘small, unimportant problems’, the song tackles a couple’s disintegration as a result of the girl’s so-called champagne problem that may actually be about her mental health.

The song features a classic Swift story, as David nitpicks the lyrical details to showcase how the past and future of the song’s tale come into full circle.

, <b> Kara David analyzes a Taylor Swift song in her latest free journalism lesson </b>

Meanwhile, David has posted other journalism lessons during the past few weeks, such as TV writing and scriptwriting. They’re fairly short but jampacked classes, so they’re ideal for budding writers who have a few minutes in a day to spare.

And hey, learning more about TSwift’s storytelling structure is just a bonus.

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Banner credit: Kara David YouTube channel